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With today’s economy every corporation has taken steps to cut back on spending. One of these areas would be Hotel meetings and conventions. Corporations still have to get the word out to their employees; the best way this has been accomplished in the past is using a speakerphone in a conference or classroom. The challenge is when you have multiple presenters in a room filled with10 to 50 participants. Problem one, attendees past the first couple of rows have a hard time hearing the presenter as well as the questions being ask over the phone. Problem two, phone attendees listening in will have a hard time hearing the presenter unless he is sitting in front of the phone and not walking the room, or looking back at his slides on the screen behind him.

Our solution: a stand-alone sound system in the room with all presenters wired with an RF wireless livelier, and hand held microphones in the room for local questions. We provide a Telos phone interface that connects the audio mixer directly to the phone line. The audio engineer has full control of what is heard in the room as well as what goes out over the phone line.

We also provide a digital studio quality recording of the meeting in its entirety for any later playback or if needed for programming into a presentation such as Adobe Presenter that will be uploaded for later playback.

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